Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All wrapped up

Do you know the feeling of being wrapped up? It is as if life threw a big piece of cloth over you, maybe a quilt, made of many little pieces. Work, family, appointments, chores, duties ... litter boxes ;-)

Then I met Frederick the Mum (with moths here). I found him in the shop of The Twisted Tree and think he's absolutely adorable! Just look at his face. I guess we all have the same look at times, but not as cute maybe.

Sitting here, smiling at him, contemplating my own current wrappings, my thoughts kept wandering on. To beautifully wrapped gifts (not by me, I'm a lousy gift wrapper), to cheese wrapped up in wax paper (huh? - oh yeah, didn't have supper) and then where my mind always takes me sooner or later - jewelry, wire wrapped jewelry in this case.

Wire wrapped jewelry has been around for thousands of years. The Sumerians made it, the Romans made it, it's still made today. Why is that? It can be very time consuming and therefore not economical for mass-produced jewe.... hey, wait, I think that's exactly why! There are still people who love the spirit behind a handmade item.

Of course I brought some examples along with me.

Nicole Hill made this beautiful pendant from copper and silver wire. What a lovely, open look.

The Pagoda necklace by Katalina Jewelry reminds me of rattan, but without the annoying noise. So pretty.

If you like hearts, but you are going for a different look, try this heart from The FamiLee Jewels. I think it's very cool.

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mcstoneworks said...

Very cool. Great wirewrapping selections.

galadryl said...

You have chosen beautiful pieces and a nice little story around them. My fingers tickle already to do some wrapping. Thx.

BeadSire said...

What fabulous wrapping! I love your stories and the examples you provided are gorgeous!

tjrjewellery said...

Cute intro Cat! Very well done wire wrap examples.

Anonymous said...

Great story and excellent wire wrapped pieces