Monday, August 30, 2010

Interview with the artist - Galadryl Design

By N Valentine Studio

Featured Artist - Sylvia from Galadryl Design, Cologne, Germany

Sylvia has a wonderfully versatile Etsy shop. Gemstones, lampwork and Bali silver infuse into some beautiful pieces. My personal favorite is the Vaquero's bracelet which shows some gorgeous chain work, stunning beads and a lovely design.

How long have you been working in your medium?
Since summer 2004.

What drew you to this medium?
On one sunny day in 2004 my eyes met a beautiful multi-stranded Bali silver bracelet and I was stunned. I did a day course in stringing necklaces and some basic wire techniques and I couldn't stop designing since.

What is your favorite things about your art?
It is like a kind of therapy for me, makes me feel good, cheers me up and can be very satisfying.

What's your favorite piece?
My Infinity necklace.

What's the hardest piece you've ever made?
My Musca pendant.

What's the one favorite tool you cannot live without?
My hole puncher because I am useless trying to drill a hole with a drill.

What's your favorite thing about your workspace or studio?
Lots of space and tranquility.

What is your other craft?
In the early beginning I was stringing only, necklaces and bracelets with lampwork beads and Bali silver; then lots of multi-stranded necklaces with seed beads and lampwork beads. Then I learned some more wire techniques and "Bead on a wire" by Sharilyn Miller became my bible *g. I also enjoy chainmaille and a bit electroforming. Lately I started stamping, fusing and soldering.

Who or what inspires you?
Iza Malzcek and Sharilyn Miller
My inspiration comes from all the things around me, patterns I see, nature, clothing (like a lady walks by and I think that would be a great colour for some beads, or watching a film or the news and I only notice the jewelry the people are wearing *g).

What's one thing you've never done you always wanted to do?
I want to try out silver and copper etching plus buy a rolling mill and make lots of textured jewelry.

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Danagonia said...

Great interview. Glad to know Galadryl a little bit better

mcstoneworks said...

Great article, Nicole. I love Sylvia's style. Interesting to learn her inspirations.

Bonnie said...

Thanks for a great interview Nicole.
That Musca pendant is lovely.

Beadles and Stones said...

Wonderful article, I am jealouse of your organized work area.

BeadSire said...

I love reading about the person being the design and getting to know them - Sylvia's designs are gorgeous!

tjrjewellery said...

Great reading about fellow artists. Nice shop Sylvia!

Alegria Designs said...

It's nice to read about other members,thanks Nicole.
Your designs are beautiful,and your work area is so neat Sylvia!

galadryl said...

Thanks everybody for the kind words. Beadles and Stones, the credit of the organized work area goes to Gail (Beadles), she gave me some ideas how to do it, my work space used to be creative chaos *g