Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The first "real" jewelry

For years we had been telling each other we would do it, my best friend and I. We would ask our mothers and then we would go to what was then called the "U-Lädle" because that was a cool store that we loved, and get our ears pierced.
We were teenagers when we finally did it and we had to give it to each other for our birthdays to make us do it. Our mothers told us to go to a reputable shop though, not one that smelled funny from all the incense sticks. And there we were now, trembling as if we were about to be fed to the lions. Pathetic. But we did it. My first earrings after the surgical post ones were silver hoops. I loved them and I was so mad at myself for not getting my piercings earlier.
So today I wondered what earrings I would have loved to have if I had been a little girl at that time.

Imagine little Cat in this beautiful summer dress called Pink Wonderland from The Eye Candy Boutique.

Her godmother has promised she would get some real silver earrings and she feels this is her first step into the world of fashion. Don't laugh, little girls are like that, today maybe more than ever. And after all the dress is a great start. But what to choose? These earrings are all so beautiful!

There are the silver flower earrings by RioRita for example. They are very cute indeed. She likes flowers a lot as you can tell from the picture.

She also likes the tiny red dots by Azoho. They are light enough to go great with her pink dress.

Then her look goes to the white topaz. They are in Two Silver Moons' shop and are called perfect little earrings.

The touch of sparkle wins little Cat over, at least this time. An era begins .....

P.S. The "U-Lädle" still exists and it still smells funny from the incense. It's called "Paradox" now, but has still the same owner and is still in the same building although it has been remodeled. When I decided on an impulse that I needed a third hole in one ear, I went there. Mission accomplished at last ;-)

By Cat's Wire

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mcstoneworks said...

Cute story. Love your picks.

Colla said...

LOL. What a great post!
Very nice selections of "Little Cat"! :D

igloomom said...

I love it what a great story!!! it made me think of the first time i got mine done!!! i felt the SAME way!!!LOL

BeadSire said...

This brings back memories Cat, I still remember what it was like when I got my ears pierced for the first time!

tjrjewellery said...

Great story Cat - thanks for sharing!

Alegria Designs said...

Wonderful story and picks!

Stacie @ azoho.com said...

Hey- thanks for including my little red dots! They are very popular with the under & the over 40 crowd. LOL.