Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sketching and Making Models

By Danagonia

Some jewelry artists create their designs straight from their head and directly into the metal and beads. But most of us make sketches and models before finishing the final piece. I am not a great artist but being able to draw a little bit is very helpful when creating jewelry, especially if you are making a costum order.

Here’s different ways for me to sketch and model.

If I am doing a wire wrapped piece I often draw out the design by hand. Wire wrapping is created only with wire and beads, no soldering is used. This does limit design possibilities, because the design needs to be durable although only linked together with wire, and shapes are also limited by the wire.

Heres a look into my sketch book of wire wrapping projects.

When creating sawed designs, I often cut out little patterns to guide the saw after. I glue them to my metal sheet and it makes it much easier to follow the design. Sawing out designs gives you more possibilities for shapes, though some designs that can be created with wire wrapping, could never be possible with sawing, I think the two techniques compliment each other very well. But if you are looking for a swirly and delicate design wire wrapping is the way to go, and if you want a more sturdy and a design with hard lines, sawing would be preferred.

Here you can see examples of sawing patterns:

If I am to use stamping I often make a model, to see where I want to place the letters.

Here’s an example of a simple model:

And the final finished piece:

Most jewelry designers love to create custom jewelry, but if you have a great idea in your head, try scribbling it down on paper. It’s much easier for a jewelry designer to create your design idea, if they can see it. Also before deciding which jewelry artist you want to create your idea, take a look at what techniques he or she is using, and how you think this would fit your design.

This was a little look into my design process.

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mcstoneworks said...

Camilla, thank you for sharing your creative process. I love your wireworking designs.

Bonnie said...

Camilla your work is so beautiful and whimsical. I am constantly amazed by the pieces that you post. They are delicate in appearance yet they have a certain rustic strength to them. Thank you for sharing your process with us.

Kristi Bowman said...

Great post Camilla, thank you for sharing with us!!

Cat said...

Interesting read!

BeadSire said...

I love your work and enjoyed reading about your creative process!

tjrjewellery said...

Thanks for sharing with everyone Camilla!

Alegria Designs said...

great reading camilla, thanks for sharing with us!

angie said...

Great post! I like to hear about your creative process The pattern idea is something I'd like to try - I haven't worked with sheet before.

Danagonia said...

Thanks for reading my article, everyone :-)