Tuesday, August 10, 2010


"If you treat a sick child like an adult and a sick adult like a child, everything usually works out pretty well." Ruth Carlisle

I'm sick. A bad cold has me in its claws and I'm doing some very expert sneezing and coughing. I feel ugly, whiny, grouchy and sick. Ah, I already did mention that last part, didn't I?

I need comfort badly. Best would be my Mum. When I was a child and was sick, she would go to the store and buy me a little something sometimes, like the doll house bassinet I remember so well. She would make „little lambs“ for me by cutting the crust off bread and making mouth-sized bites from the „wool“. Until today I call the inner part of a roll or a slice of bread the „wool“.

Can I please be 5 again? Just until I am feeling better?

If that doesn't work and if I can't have my Mum, how about some other pampering? There must be something that helps to improve my mood and maybe my health as well.

I'll drag my weakened body to the computer (you must admit that I'm a very good whiner, I started practising at a very young age, possibly at the moment I was born) to distract myself a little.

What a great start, look at this beautiful afghan by Becky's Beauties. Now that's what I call looking like comfort. The thought of wrapping myself up in it, all snuggly and warm, already makes me feel a little better.

Now what is missing in that picture, though? Wrapped up in an afghan, holding a big cup and sipping some, eh, some, ah, thank you, 2 Belles and a Bead, your earrings helped me out here. Sipping tea of course. Green tea sounds lovely. The man in my life also likes green tea, so maybe if I moan a little and make puppy eyes, he'll bring me that big cup.

Know what? Some music would be perfect now. I can close my eyes, listen to it, let my mind wander and try not to spill my tea when I have to sneeze (just think, tea on that gorgeous afghan!). Yes, that's very comforting, I think I'll fall asleep soon. Great reminder, your clef earrings, Twining Vine Designs.

Before going to sleep however MC Stoneworks with this necklace gave me the idea what would make all of this as perfect as it can be if you lie in bed with a cold. A cat is an absolute must for me. Not too close, so I can toss myself around dramatically if I feel like it, but close enough to hear the purring and to touch him or her if I need it.

Just one more question …....... who'll cut the „little lambs“ for me now???

By Cat's Wire

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galadryl said...

I hope you feel better now. You have chosen great items to distract yourself. Yes, sometimes it would be nice to be 5 again and being comforted by mum.

mcstoneworks said...

Oh Cat, I'm sorry you're not feeling well. You made some lovely selections to "comfort" you. Hope you feel better soon.

tjrjewellery said...

Get better soon Cat!

I totally related to the "adult treated like a child" when sick statement - I'm a big attention suck (OK - a bigger attention suck than normal) when I'm sick.

The afghan and jewellery selections are very nice!

BeadSire said...

We can all relate, I'm lucky that my darling daughter loves to "mother" me when I'm not well - its a total role reversal!

Hope you're feeling better x

Danagonia said...

Feel better soon! Great post though...

Nicole said...

I hope you feel better soon! (And I totally know what you mean about wanting to be 5 again when you're ill - being grown up is hard when you're sick!)

I also really want that afghan - it's too hot here to even think about buying something thick and woolly. But I totally want it anyway. Thanks for highlighting the wonderful work you chose!

Bonnie said...

Feel better soon. In the meantime soak all the green tea and sympathy that comes your way.