Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bole chudiyan

Picture by "Deepak" (Wikimedia)

I admit it. I'm a fan. It started with a late night movie that captured my interest which was surprising for myself. I had been switching channels and somehow I got hooked. All that singing, the colors and the tears! So many drama, so many tears! Have I mentioned the tears? But suddenly I found I had watched the movie to the very end.
For those who haven't guessed from the title yet, I am talking about Bollywood. "Bole Chudiyan" is the title of a song in one of my favorite movies.
Shortly after that my sister and I went to a DVD store to look for something, but I came out with my first very own copy of a Bollywood movie. 3.5 hours, I hadn't done something like that to myself since "Ben Hur" or "Gone With the Wind". And it shouldn't be the last one.

There are different reasons why some of these movies (it's not as if I do watch hundreds of them) attract me, but I will only share one with you.
That one are the clothes and the jewelry for sure. I love sarees to look at. In fact I have one that I wouldn't know where to wear. A shame, it's a beauty and was brought home to me from a business trip.
And I love the bangles. In the late 70s bangles were very in with us teenagers. We were loud, believe me. No sneaking up on anyone when you go jingle, jingle with each movement! Then they suddenly disappeared, but they are back, I can tell you that!

In India it still has a meaning to wear bangles besides it just being decorative. They are worn for weddings and the colors chosen can be important part of the rituals.
They can be from gold and silver, from glass or lac and nowadays they are often made from plastic or even rubber which is very trendy. They can be simple or smooth or have adornments and patterns.
According to some people a bangle is never flexible which is the difference to a bracelet, but I found that some people - and I include myself - also call a flexible piece without a clasp a bangle.

But now come with me and let's have a look at what SATeam sellers have to offer bangle-wise.
While we browse, I'll play the above mentioned song to get you into the right mood.

Do you like beads and are the DIY type? In that case I found the perfect tutorial for you in Jewelry Tales' shop! Isn't it pretty?

What do you say? You would also like to have a ready made bangle to wear now? This N That Creative Arts is the shop for you then. She has a nice range of crochet bangles in different colors. In fact it is kind of hard to decide which is the most beautiful one. How about this one, it sure looks high class.

These ones from 2 Belles and a Bead immediately spoke to me because they look just the first ones I ever bought myself when I was 12. Of course mine weren't made from silver!

I hope you liked our little shopping spree. I'll leave you alone now, but you are very welcome to keep browsing, this has just been a small selection, there is so much more.
You'll find me over there when you are done. I'll be drinking a cup of chai and probably be listening to Bollywood songs on my MP3 player. Just tap me on the shoulder and don't be surprised if I greet you with "Namaste" .......

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galadryl said...

Beautiful post, Cat. Very enjoyful. Love your examples too.

BeadSire said...

Its always an adventure to read your posts - fabulous!

mcstoneworks said...

Great post, Cat. Wonderful bangle examples.