Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's In Your Tool Box

I am a real tool junkie. I started making jewelry in 2006 and started full steam ahead collecting tools for the techniques I was learning and for those I had planned to learn. Hammers, pliers, cutters, vises, files, tumblers, saws, coiling tools, punches, blocks, stakes, rolling mill, metal clay propane kiln…..I will confess that I have tools that I have never ever used, tools that remain in their original packaging that I just had to have. I don’t feel guilty that I have not put these tools to good use as yet for I know that their day will come. There are tools I lust after that I may not use for a while, but if the opportunity arises that I would be able to obtain any of these for a really good deal I will most likely take advantage of the situation. At the top of my list right now is a Hydraulic Press.

One of my very favorite tools, one that is more than worth it’s price, is an Industrial Tube Wringer. Its original purpose is actually for squeezing (wringing) out the last bit of compounds such as adhesives, caulking, etc. from tube containers…like toothpaste tubes only bigger. It has been brilliantly cross purposed to corrugate sheet metal and wire in thinner gauges not to exceed 28-30 gauges. Priced in the $20 - $25 range it is an economical alternative to other microfold/corrugating tools.

So, what is your favorite tool? Do you have tools that you haven’t used yet? Are you tool obsessed? Do you lust for a particular tool?

Have a look at some of the designs from SATeam members that have been corrugated...they are really “groovy”!

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Cat said...

I'm not much of a tool user .... yet! ;-)

galadryl said...

Yep, I am a junkie aswell *g, got loads of tools. Am saving up for a rolling mill at the moment. Never seen your industrial tool before. Looks interesting.

BeadSire said...

Oh wow - wondered how you did that, those are gorgeous pieces!

tjrjewellery said...

Great corrugated examples!

mcstoneworks said...

Angela, love the tube wringer. Haven't used it in a while but it is cool.

envyjewels said...

Love what that wringer does! I already have my list of tools that I want to buy this many choices!!