Thursday, May 6, 2010

Forming Metal

For me, moving metal is one the most satisfying processes in metalsmithing. I love exploring ways to make the metal speak, to give it a voice and infuse it with life and movement. I pick up a hammer and the metal starts to sing. Its songs are of texture, dimension and volume.

Synclastic, anticlastic, fold and shell forming are life giving processes that invigorate metal work with energy and vitality. These dimensional forms are achieved in several different ways which include the use of forming hammers & stakes, forming pliers and hydraulic presses.

There are quite a few masters of these processes; among them are Cynthia Eid, Betty Helen Longhi and Michael Good. Their work provides great inspiration. We can also find inspiration among the members of the SATeam…enjoy these goodies:

The SATeam blog features artisan handmade creations by the etsy starving artists jewelry team. SATeam members create handcrafted jewelry and beads. More information about our team and its current etsy shop owner members can be found at


galadryl said...

Beautiful stuff, have to look for some metal and my hammer now.

mcstoneworks said...

Gorgeous metal pieces.

tjrjewellery said...

What great examples!

Stacie @ said...

Inspirational! beautiful pieces.