Saturday, May 29, 2010

Quote Me - Maya Angelou

I've learned that making a 'living' is not the same thing as making a 'life'.
~ Maya Angleou

Do you sometimes get a bit obsessed with your jewellery business?
Worry about sales? Whether you can pay the taxes? Buy more supplies?
Spend heaps of time checking your emails and views... And then look up and go "Oops, I forgot to eat lunch!"

Finding that work-life balance can be tricky sometimes.
We all want our businesses to succeed - really, who wouldn't love to "give up your day job" and spend each day doing something you truly love?

But we also need to find that balance. The equilibrium... between what we love and who we love...

How do you balance your 'living' and your 'life'?
And do you remember to stop for lunch?

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tjrjewellery said...

Right now my life is not balanced as I haven't been getting to my shop lately!!!!

I'm a fixing to change that very soon!

Really loved the jewellery selections ("sisters are the chocolate chips" - cute!)

faeriiidust said...

The jewelry selections for this article were *perfect*! Finding the work/life balance is a constant challenge! Luckily, each day we get a new chance to try again!

BeadSire said...

Love that quote - great post!

mcstoneworks said...

Balance is so difficult to achieve. Beautiful examples.

N Valentine Studio said...

I love the Maya A quote, I may have it painted on my studio wall.

Cat said...

Great quote and I love your choices!

Erin Simonetti said...

I love these selections and reading the quotes!