Sunday, May 30, 2010


My small part of the world has been experiencing unseasonably warm weather lately. It’s been so warm that it has felt like summer. Summer is my favourite season and I’ve been loving the heat. Even with the humidity. While some people have been wilting as soon as they step outside, I feel enveloped by the warmth and comforted by it.

Summer weather calls for going to the beach and eating ice cream. It means going for long walks and taking out the bikes. It’s the time of year when small children run through sprinklers.

This weather means I can leave the house in the morning without having to put on a jacket. I wear capri pants or shorts with short sleeve shirts to the office. The colours I choose are light and bright. Even the jewelry I select is different than it was during the winter. I find myself reaching for smaller, simpler pieces, in light or bright colours. And I reach for rings that are fun and whimsical. It’s time to play and have fun.

How do your jewelry choices change in the summer?

Here are some great summer jewelry choices from members of the SATeam.

Insatiable Ring by Two Chicks Too

Beach Glass and Sterling Necklace by Riorita

Glass Tile Pendant by Jenifer's Family Jewels

Translucent and White Opalite Beaded Earrings by Bead Origami

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Cat said...

My choice of jewelry doesn't depend on the weather, but mostly of the mood.

You picked some great and fresh items, thanks for including my earrings!

mcstoneworks said...

Beautiful summer jewelry - although any of these would be gorgeous year round.

I probably wear lighter and brighter colored gemstones in the summer.

It's supposed to be 97 today - too early for that much heat.

galadryl said...

I agree with you both. My choices depend a lot on the weather and the clothes I wear. My mood does influence that aswell. It is the same with designing jewelry.

Beadorigami said...

What a pretty collection of summertime pieces! I love the sunflower pendant, and the butterfly is so neat! Thanks for including my earrings!

tjrjewellery said...

Lovely selections for summer!