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Legend has it that aquamarine was originally found in the treasure chests of mermaids. This beautiful pale blue to blue-green stone has been considered a lucky stone for sailors since ancient times.

Aquamarine on muscovite, from Pakistan - photo by Ra'ike

Lucky or not, aquamarine is popular in jewelry. The hardness of the stone (7.5 – 8.0 on Moh’s scale of hardness) and its resistance to scratches, make it appropriate for many jewelry uses, including pieces that will be worn frequently.

Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family (along with its more famous cousin, emerald). Its blue colour comes from iron. Gem quality stones are usually free of inclusions and are very brilliant. Bead grade stones have more inclusions and are opaque in areas.

Aquamarine from Pakistan - photo by Vassil

Faceted aquamarine gemstone - photo by Wela49

Faceted aquamarine gemstone - photo by Wela49

Things to know when buying aquamarines:
• The value of aquamarine is linked to its colour. The more intense the colour, the higher the value of the stone.
• Aquamarine often has a green tint and is often heat-treated to change the colour and make it bluer – unless specified otherwise it is safe to assume that the stone is heat-treated. Heat-treating results in a permanent colour change.
• Aquamarine can be confused with blue topaz which has a similar colour, but is less valuable.
• Aquamarines can be found as large stones, so the carat price should remain the same regardless of size for similar quality stones.

Lucky are those born in March, for this beautiful blue stone is their birth stone.

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Great information on a beautiful gemstone.

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What a gorgeous gemstone, great colour. Can I have the two facetted ones and play with them? They are stunning. Beautiful examples.

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