Saturday, March 6, 2010

Quote Me - Mark Twain

Let us not be too particular. It is better to have old second-hand diamonds, than none at all.
~Mark Twain

Do you own any second-hand diamonds?

Pieces that have been passed down through the family? Have sentimental value?

Like the blue button above... what item of clothing did it belong to? What cities has it travelled to? How many times was it washed!

I'm quite partial to estate jewellery.
I'm always curious to know the story behind the piece. It's history, and how and why it was important to the person who owned it.
Was it a birthday gift? An anniversary gift? Did they purchase themselves?

And then there's the fun of pulling apart an old necklace, and creating a completely new and fresh piece. The old meeting the new generation...

So don't be too particular - old or new = beautiful jewellery.

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mcstoneworks said...

I have a diamond cocktail ring that was my grandmothers. I cherish it dearly. She wore it all the time and I was always fascinated with it when I was little.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful jewelry pieces today.

Cat said...

I have a bracelet that belonged to my grandma. No precious metal and I can't wear it because the spring at the hinge is broken and obviously can't be repaired. Sometimes I take it out and let my mind wander back to the times when I was a child (and probably broke that bracelet then! ;-)).

galadryl said...

Beautiful examples. I have got some jewelry from my grandma, I don't dare wearing it, not because they are so valueable in price but in memory, and I am good in losing jewelry *g.

faeriiidust said...

I have a bunch of coins with the birth years of family members, just waiting for me to mount them into a necklace!

Bonnie said...

I have jade earrings that were my mothers. I too cherish them more for the memories than for the wearability.

Leilani said...

Wow - the pieces featured are STUNNING!