Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's so easy now - how did they do it then?

Every, now and then I stumble upon interesting books at work. Especially the old ones are a perpetual source of fun and laughter for us. Some titles capture me, though, and I actually read these books. I just started on one called "The spicy dog", it was written in 1916, and it's not about food, but about a marriage in the early 19th century.
One sentence in the very beginning made me think.
The author (a lady with a very interesting life story herself) describes how the world closes ranks more and more, how easy it becomes to go from A to B and how that influences people's lifes.

All I could think was "Oh Helene, what would you say looking at the world of today?"
How much easier has it become for us to visit places. A trip that takes us a few hours with the car or train took days in those times. People couldn't just call the delivery service and choose between Italian, Indian, Chinese or Thai food. Instead of posting pictures of a new baby in the family on Facebook or hold it in front of the webcam using Skype they had to write a letter and send it with a messenger or the stagecoach.

The couple in the book gets the 50 year old family coach fixed and takes a trip to Weimar because the baroness hopes it will make her husband feel better. As they are not rich, she offers to - believe me, I had to gasp! - sell the beautiful opal necklace she has inherited.
Which brings us to the jewelry, and admit it, you have been waiting for the post to lead to that finally.

Thanks to the internet we have the possibility to order something beautiful from far away. Maybe we should think about that for a minute sometimes.

If I need green pearls for a spring design, I can get them from Valparaiso from Milena's Supply Shop.

I like the combination of hand spun yarn and gemstones? There is no need for me to travel to the USA, West Virginia. With a click this lovely necklace will travel all the way to Germany from This N That Creative Arts.

Although I would love to go to Australia myself and pick up a piece of jewelry personally, it's probably a little easier to order it, like this stunning PMC piece by BeadSire.

I think it's time for me to go "travelling" for a bit now .... ;-)

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RocknWow said...

Cat---nice intro. I had no idea where you were headed, segway a little rough but very much in the style of Cindy. Sorry, watching the Academy Awards has turned me into a critic.

tjrjewellery said...

Like all journeys Cat, you made it to the final destination (painting a scenic picture along the way for us)! Good job!

mcstoneworks said...

Technology has definitely changed life. It's amazing that we can order things from around the world and have friends just a click away. When it works, it's wonderful, when it doesn't . . . .

faeriiidust said...

The internet certainly has made the world a whole lot smaller! But also more interesting! Great article Cat!

Bonnie said...

Great post Cat. The world is definately a place more easily traveled now. It is a joy to have contact with people from all corners of it on a daily basis. Nice jewelry choices too!