Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Ring for Every Mood

For years I wore the same two rings every day. Then I took my first soldering class and our first two projects were rings. This was pretty exciting as I had never made any rings.

Making rings turned out to be lots of fun. I love to make them. My personal ring collection has expanded pretty significantly, and I’m no longer limited to the same two each day. Some days my ring choice is based on the outfit I’m wearing and other days it is based on my mood. Am I feeling cheerful and upbeat? Do I want to play? Do I want to appear sophisticated? Maybe it’s a casual and relaxed kind of day. I love that there are so many design possibilities with rings and that a person can match any mood.

Do you wear the same ring(s) each day or change it up regularly? Do you match your clothes, your mood or does something else drive your choice of ring?

Fun and Flirty

Big and Bold

Sleek and Sophisticated

Natural and Organic

Bright and Colourful

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Cat said...

I love rings and I have so many, I would need six hands!!
Great selections!

Anonymous said...

I have two or three that I switch out, but one that I just love. Hubby thinks it's funny that I usually wear right hand rings only on my middle finger.

Love the selection, what a great showcase of different styles!

galadryl said...

Lovely selection. The organic one is my favourite. Lynn, I am a middle finger person aswell *g

Bonnie said...

I love rings too! They are so versitile and fun to wear.

mcstoneworks said...

What beautiful rings - all different and unique.

tjrjewellery said...

Good job on the rings - all different, all beautiful!

Leilani said...

Gorgeous - my fingers would love any of these. :)