Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympic Fever

For the past 2 weeks, a lot of attention has been focused on the Olympic Games in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Although my husband and I don’t usually take much notice of the Olympics, we have caught Olympic Fever this time round. Living in the host country and having one of our main television channels completely dedicated to the games may have influenced this. :)

I have been impressed by the athletes – by their skill and ability certainly, but also by their grace, enthusiasm and the good sportsmanship that I have witnessed. These athletes train so hard and for so long, many of them overcoming enormous obstacles. For some, participating in the games is the realization of a dream. For others, the dream is to earn an Olympic medal – bronze, silver or gold.

Most of us never dream of an Olympic medal. That is an honour reserved for the best of the best. But that doesn’t stop us from loving bronze, silver and gold. So in the spirit of the Olympics, here is some bronze, silver and gold jewelry made by members of the Starving Artists Team.




Featuring artisan handmade creations by the Etsy Starving Artists jewelry team. SATeam members create handcrafted jewelry and beads. More information about our team and its current Etsy shop owner members can be found at


mcstoneworks said...

How clever and timely as the Olympics come to a close, to highlight beautiful jewelry representing the medals.

Carole said...

Very nice work, I especially like the silver heart pendant.

RocknWow said...

The thing about the olympics is what no one sees. Waking up at 4 am to practice at 5. The injuries. It looks so graceful but anyone know how many times those beautiful skaters came crashing down to that soft pillowy ice?

Then imagine the people who put themselves through that and no shot at a medal?

Ohh...nice jewelry.

Cat said...

A great idea for a post and beautiful examples.

Bonnie said...

I wouldn't mind winning any of those medals. Great post.

Cassie said...

Great post... really nice segue toward the closing of the Olympics tonight!

tjrjewellery said...

Great theme and item selection!

faeriiidust said...

Wonderful post & selections!

Leilani said...

I love these!