Saturday, February 20, 2010

Quote Me - Author Unkown

The three rings of marriage are the engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the suffering.

~Author Unknown

Feeling a bit cheeky today. And need to make up for forgetting last weeks post - sorry!!

I love my family - I couldn't (and wouldn't) be without them.
But at times, I wish they would just leave me alone!

You all know what I mean.
You're about to solder that fiddly bit... String that last bead... Sketch that design that's been bugging you all day...
And whatever it is that they want/need, has to be done immediately.
Can't wait!

So, how do you work around your family and home life?
Your husband/wife/significant other?
Your boyfriend/girlfriend?
Your kids/cats/dogs?
Your full-time job (you know the one... it keeps food on the table and a roof over your head)?

Must sign out now... time to go deal with some 'suffering'.

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mcstoneworks said...

Cute post, Tasha. Can't live with them, can't live without them. No children, but a husband and cat that sometime make me "suffer".

I just retreat into my office/studio, although I'm still "accessible". No where to hide. :)

N Valentine Studio said...

First of al wonderful rings! I love the dichro ones.

Sometimes I do wonder how I get things done. I rarely answer the phone during the day or at all for that matter. I try and set aside at least three studio days a week, and stick to it.

I find family can be the worst, they tend to think I have all this spare time?

FeatheredGems said...

Yep, just about the time I settle in to do some serious work it's either supper time or a dog needs to go outside...

Cat said...

Today the husband made me suffer because the cat made him suffer.
It was just a matter of one drop of glaze for me, but no, I had to be the good soul seperating the two *lol*

tjrjewellery said...

Hahaha! Great post!

Love the ring selections!

Bonnie said...

Oh Tasha I know just what you mean! Beautiful rings too!

Leilani said...

I have two babies...I definitely understand the things that won't wait when you just want to be finishing off a piece!