Friday, April 8, 2011

Delicious Druzy

Sparkling and twinkling, druzy entices me with its tiny little sugar-coated secrets.

The less romantic way to explain this glittering material is this: a coating of fine crystals on a rock surface.

Quartz druzy in a cavity:

Uvarovite garnet druzy on a rock:

Often, metallic films are vaporized onto quartz druzes for spectacular effects.

Coated with Titanium:

Coated with Gold:

Another way to change the color of a quartz druzy is with dye:

Occasionally, as with the uvarovite garnet druzy, other colors occur in nature.

Cobalto Calcite druzy occurs in some very nice pinks:

Rainbow pyrite (excessive handing can dull the color):

One of my personal favorites, Blue Chalcedony druzy:

Many other kinds of druzy can be found on the market from subtle, rare beauties to dyed and coated exhibitionists.


Koolbraider said...

Incredible array of colors! I never realized druzies came in so many colors.

AMDesignsbyAngela said...

Super post...I definitely know more about druzy than I did before this post. All beautiful specimens...thanks for listening!

mcstoneworks said...

Love druzies. You have definitely featured some eye candy. Gorgeous!!!

MmeMagpie said...

You're welcome! As it turns out, it's more fun to write when I know I'm producing relevant information.

This one turned out to be more of a photo essay, but I think the pictures did the talking quite nicely :)

Jeanne/J3Jewelry said...

Oh how scrumptious. I love druzy, but havven't had the chance to work with it yet. I love the examples you've posted, and it was educational, too!

Cat said...

Wow, now I want them all!
I have a druzy on my desk just because I love to look at it.
Thanks for sharing this info.

FeatheredGems said...

Druzy is my gemstone drug of choice. :)

EleganceandSparkles said...

They are beautiful.

galadryl said...

Beautiful druzes and amazing colours.

Bonnie said...

Gorgeous. Can you imagine the thrill of cutting open a rock and finding such loveliness inside?

Ava said...

Truly beautiful examples. I love wrapping drusies.

BeadSire said...

Druzy is a lovely stone, I bought some Uvarovite garnet druzy at a show because I thought it was pretty but never knew the name. Very informative post.

DawninCal said...

I leaned a bunch about druzy - it's so pretty!

It must be such a pleasant surprise to open a stone and find yummy druzy inside. The color range shown in the photo essay is amazing.

Stacie @ said...

Okay- my mouth is watering from having a look at all this lovliness! Yum. And Bonnie....yes- I CAN imagine cutting open a rock & seeing it. I STILL get chillbumps when it happens. Thrill is a great description! ;-)